If you have a hot tub, you need a spa cover. There is no way around it. While you may not think you need one, there are too many reasons to suggest the opposite. Spa covers do so much to protect your hot tub and save you money. Here a few reasons that you need a spa cover for your hot tub.

Safety and Security

Safety is the number one reason to invest in a high-quality spa cover. A spa cover will prevent anyone from accidentally slipping and falling into the hot tub where they are at-risk of drowning. For hot tub owners with children or pets, a cover can provide a little peace of mind. Make sure that you keep your hot tub covered any time it isn’t in use to prevent accidents.

In times of inclement weather, a hot tub cover that is secured properly will prevent damage to your property. Heavy winds can blow things around in your neighborhood. The cover will prevent damage to your hot tub, and if securely attached, the cover won’t blow off and cause damage to your home or other property.

You can also purchase locks for your hot tub cover. This will prevent unwanted guests from getting into your hot tub when you aren’t home, which can make your hot tub feel more secure than it would otherwise.


It may seem silly to spend money to save money, but with a hot tub cover, you are going to quickly save the money you spent on a spa cover twice over. A spa cover helps you save money in a few different ways.

First, the cover will prevent heat from escaping your hot tub. The more heat that the hot tub retains, the less energy that will be used to heat the water. An insulated hot tub cover will offer the best heat retention for spa, especially those in areas where the weather can get very cold. Your electricity bill will thank you for getting a spa cover.

Spa covers also save hot tub owners money by keeping dirt, debris, and bacteria out of the water when the tub isn’t in use. By keeping all those nasty things out of the water, you are going to be able to spend less money on spa chemicals in your tub. Additionally, you won’t have to drain and refill your tub quite as often as you would if you left your hot tub uncovered.

Finally, hot water will evaporate. By keeping a hot tub cover on your spa, you can retain a large amount of otherwise evaporated water. Spa covers will allow the water to drip back down into the hot tub. The more hot water that stays in the tub, the less frequently you will have to add more water to the tub.

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