Spring has arrived, and that means that you are ready to de-winterize your hot tub. If you are itching to get back in your hot tub without experiencing the freeze that is associated with those few steps back into your home, you can get your hot tub ready for spring with just a few easy steps from SpaMate.

Spring Spa Cleaning

If you properly winterized your hot tub, it should be empty, which means that cleaning it is a breeze. Before you refill it, take the time to give it a nice, deep clean. Use a special spa cleaner to remove any dirt and grime from the inside of the hot tub. Just wipe down the inside with a soft, moist cloth to remove any cleaner. You should never use household cleaners in your spa, so make sure you have spa cleaner on hand when you want to open your hot tub back up for the spring.

Cleaning the outside of the tub can also be beneficial. Not only will it look nicer, but it will also help keep the outside of the hot tub like new. You can clean the outside and then apply a protectant to keep it looking its very best.

You should also clean your spa cover. Using a spa cover cleaner, you can wipe down the cover, while protecting the material from the elements.

Check the Equipment

You want to start off on the right foot this spring, so make sure you check over all the electronic components, pipes, panels, wires, and all other visible parts of the spa to make sure nothing is damaged before you add water to the hot tub.

You will also want to make sure the lights, jets, and drain covers are all secure and that all drain plugs that were removed are replaced. The drain spigot should also be closed before you add water to the spa.

All filters should also be put in place. If they are dirty, it is a good time to clean them as well. You’ll need to insert a backup filter for the startup, however. SpaMate recommends that you always keep two spa filters on hand, so you can still run your hot tub while cleaning one filter.

Fill the Spa

Now, you can finally fill the hot tub with water. Plop the hose inside and let the spa fill up. In most cases, a spa will fill up rather quickly, so be sure that you keep an eye on it, so it doesn’t overflow. Don’t worry too much about water quality at this point, once the spa is up and running, you’ll add in the chemicals.

Start the Spa

The moment you’ve been waiting for… it is time to start up the hot tub! Before turning it on, make sure the filter and skimmer basket are in place. Start the circulation pump and then do a quick test of all the features to make sure that they are working properly. Turn the heater on to your desired temperature, and you are on your way to an open hot tub.

Make it Safe

Now it’s time for the less-than-fun part. You need to test the water in the hot tub to see how much of each chemical you will need to add. You want to have a hot tub with balanced pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels.

You will also need to add either chlorine or bromine to keep that water safe. Since you are just starting out fresh for the season, consider a booster product to ensure safe soaking even faster.

Lastly, you will probably need to shock the water in your hot tub, too. This step comes after you have balanced all the chemicals in your tub. Use the shock treatment by following the directions on the label, as many products have different instructions. After the appropriate amount of time listed on the label, you are ready to hot in your spa for the first soak of the spring.

Common Hot Tub Opening Issues

When opening a hot tub for the first time since the fall, there may be some unexpected issues. SpaMate has a few troubleshooting tips before you decide the tub needs repairs.

Leaks:A leaky hot tub needs to be addressed quickly. If your pump is leaking along the motor shaft, you will probably need a new shaft seal, but you could be dealing with bigger problems, like cracks in the pipes or other equipment. In some cases, just replacing the parts can fix the problem. In other cases, you will need to have someone repair the damage.

Power Problems:When you go to start up the hot tub, nothing happens. What could it be? First, you will want to check that the breaker for the hot tub is on. Next, check outlets to see if the Test button has been tripped. If you still don’t have power to the tub, you will need to check to see if the wires are all connected properly and intact. For hot tubs that still don’t have power, it is a good idea to call out a repair person.

No Heat:If you start up your hot tub and the water isn’t getting hot after a few minutes, you may need to check the thermostat, temperature switch, pressure switch, or flow switch.

Once you have your hot tub on, filled, hot, and safe, you are ready to enjoy the first soak of the spring season. If you are in need of any hot tub supplies, SpaMate has you covered. From spa covers to chemicals to parts and accessories, SpaMate has everything that a hot tub owner could ever need.

If you have any questions regarding products you need to clean your hot tub or sanitize the water inside, call SpaMate at 1-800-923-7330.