Wouldn’t it be great if you could make your new spa cover last a year or two longer?  The two biggest enemies of a hot tub cover are the sun and the chemicals in the spa water.  Let’s talk about the sun first. 

The sun’s UV rays break down the vinyl and thread of a spa cover, so naturally the less direct sun light on the hot tub cover, the better.  If you spa is not setting in a shaded area, or under a covered patio, I recommend the use of 303 Vinyl Protectant.  This product is like sunscreen for your spa cover and contains no oils or petroleum distillates.  We recommend applying this product to your spa cover monthly, in the evening, after the sun has passed over head.  Another product that will protect your spa from sun exposure is a Cover Cap.  This is basically a cover for your hot tub cover. They are waterproof, durable, and engineered to work in all climates.  They are also mildew, rot, tear, and most importantly UV resistant. 

The chemicals in the hot tub water are also a potential threat to your spa cover.  We recommend opening the hot tub cover completely when adding sanitizers such chlorine, bromine, or oxidizers.  It is important to leave the cover completely open for at least three minutes to let the chemical vapor of the reacting chemicals escape into the air, as opposed to becoming trapped between the water and the spa cover.  This harsh chemical vapor is damaging to the vapor barrier (plastic membrane inside of the vinyl cover) of a spa cover, and can cause premature moisture absorption (water-logging) which can cause the hot tub cover to become heavy and unmanageable.  This type of chemical damage is not covered by most warranties.