One of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions each year involves losing weight. Instead of spending hours in the gym each week, you can utilize the hot tub at your home and still get great results. Whether you use your hot tub for exercise or relaxation post-exercise, it can be a beneficial tool in your weight loss journey. SpaMate hopes that this guide to safe hot tub exercise can help you reach your goals.

Exercising in Your Hot Tub

You may be wondering how you can exercise in the limited space that a hot tub provides, but there are ways that you can do just that. Here are three ways to exercise in your hot tub.

Hot Tub Yoga

One of the more popular hot tub exercises is yoga. With hot tub yoga, you don’t need a ton of space to burn calories. Just like other types of yoga, hot tub yoga can help you build strength, improve balance, and increase flexibility. Hot tub yoga can help people lose weight three main ways: burning calories, de-stressing, and improving digestion.

While many people don’t realize how physically taxing yoga can be on the body, it burns a lot of calories. The combination of challenging poses and breathing techniques will burn away calories and help you lose weight.

The deep breathing included in hot tub yoga exercises helps both your mind and body relax. This relaxation can lead to better sleep, which helps prevent weight gain.

Yoga is good for your mind and body, and in addition to physical exercise, it is also good for digestion. When combined with the heat of the hot tub, yoga can improve your digestion and help you lose weight in that way, too.

Since the buoyancy of water makes exercise easier on your joints, hot tub yoga is great for people who otherwise may not be able to get much exercise.

Some great hot tub yoga poses are:

·Wave pose

·Half boat pose

·Breakwater pose

·Pelican pose

·Hight tide pose

·Crab pose

Like all exercise regimens, hot tub yoga isn’t for everyone. Pregnant women should not do hot tub yoga. If you start to feel ill, dizzy, or lightheaded, stop practicing right away. Due to the heat associated with hot tub yoga, be sure to drink plenty of water.

Water aerobics

You can do water aerobics in your hot tub in the same way that you would do them in a pool. Aerobics focuses on a cardio workout that will get your heart rate up and burn calories. A few common water aerobic exercises that you can do in your hot tub are:

·Bicycle kicks


·Side leg extensions

·Thigh presses

·Torso rotations

·Arm circles

·Toe pushes

·Heel pushes

For more exercise ideas, check out the Hot Tub Exercises Guide from Olympic Hot Tub.


If you are trying to increase flexibility or need to loosen your muscles either pre- or post-workout, you can do your stretches in the hot tub. The warm water will help loosen up muscles and help you feel relaxed. By relaxing your muscles in a hot tub, you can perform deeper stretches and increase your flexibility. Just be careful not to push your body too far, as you can still cause injuries during hot tub stretches.

Other Weight Loss Benefits from Hot Tubs

When you spend a lot of time exercising, your muscles get sore. A dip in the hot tub after a workout can help ease muscle soreness and joint discomfort. Not only does this help you feel less sore, but it also helps your muscles recover from the tough workout. Over time, your muscles may become more flexible from your hot tub soaks.

Numerous health conditions can make it difficult to exercise. Diabetes, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis can all make exercise painful, but doing water workouts can help prevent and ease pain for people with these conditions. A nice soak after a regular workout can also make exercise more bearable for some.

How to Safely Exercise in Your Hot Tub

Aside from basic hot tub safety precautions, there are a few rules you should follow if you are going to exercise in your hot tub. First, be sure that the temperature is set appropriately. It should be no hotter than 102° F in your hot tub during your workouts. If you feel like that is too hot, you can drop the temperature until you feel comfortable.

Keep your hot tub exercises short. You shouldn’t stay in the hot tub for an hour doing exercises, as this could raise your core temperature to dangerous levels. Short hot tub exercises can still help you lose weight without putting your health at risk.

Keep water close by. If you have cup holders in your hot tub, be sure to keep cold water in one that is within reach. You may start to feel lightheaded or overheated during your workout and need a drink of cold water immediately. If you start to feel dizzy or lightheaded, try to get out of the hot tub. You may want to give yourself a minute to sit down on the shell of the hot tub (out of the water as much as possible) before trying to exit the tub to prevent falling and injuring yourself.

Only exercise in clean hot tubs. If your hot tub needs water treatments, sanitizers, or pH balancers, be sure to correct the problem before using your spa to exercise. SpaMate carries a variety of spa chemicals that can help you keep your hot tub safe and clean.

Now that you know how to exercise in your hot tub, and how to do it safely, you are ready to get started working toward your fitness goals.