In the warm summer months, it is easy for outdoor equipment to overheat, which explains why so many hot tubs overheat every summer. Since the purpose of the tub is to heat water, the additional heat can be brutal to the internal system of the spa. SpaMate has some advice to prevent overheating in your hot tub this summer.

There are a few simple steps that you can employ to prevent overheating your spa regardless of how hot it becomes outside.

Why is My Hot Tub Overheating and How to Prevent It?

Overheating in hot tubs is very common during the summer months, and the simplest way to prevent this problem is to turn down the temperature of the hot tub. Since it is already hot outside, you probably won’t need to have the temperature up nearly as high as you think. Try turning the temperature down to 98°F and see if that prevents overheating. The external temperature will help keep your water warm and could, in fact, make your water even warmer than the set temperature.

Another reason your hot tub could be overheating is that the filter cycle duration settings are set too high. If your hot tub is set to filter twice a day, for example, it will run for a couple of hours twice a day. This process causes heat and can cause overheating. You’ll want to change the duration of your filtration cycle to less time and set it to run during times when it is coolest outside such as early morning and late evening or at night. You may also want to check to make sure your filter is still in good condition as well.

A third reason your hot tub could be overheating is due to weather and sun exposure. Hot and humid air can be hard on our hot tub, and if your hot tub is in the sun all day, it may struggle to keep the temperature down. You can help your hot tub dissipate some of this heat by draining a little of the hot water and adding clean, fresh water, which will drop the water temperature in the tub. During the draining process, be sure that you keep the water level about the filter house so that you don’t run the pump dry. You should also turn the air controls to the open position to allow air flow from the cabinet.

In some cases, you could have problems with overheating due to lack of water flow during heating. Make sure that there is always enough water to cover all of the jets in the spa. If you need to add water, you can try to add cool water to drop the temperature.

SpaMate wants to make sure you’re able to maintain your hot tub so you can use it for many years. Our supply of filters, spa covers, and other parts can help keep your spa up and running for a very long time. If you have any questions, contact SpaMate at 1-800-923-7330.