If you have decided against winterizing your hot tub, you are probably wondering how you can enjoy a steamy soak without worrying about getting cold or battling the weather. SpaMate has a few easy tips that will make your hot tub much more enjoyable during the cold-weather months.

1.Prepare in Advance

Unfortunately, it is much more difficult to just hop in a hot tub in the winter than it is during the summer. There could be snow on the ground making it difficult to safely reach your hot tub without slipping and injuring yourself. Use salt or shovel a path to the hot tub if you plan on using it when the temperatures and the weather aren’t ideal. If you can’t make it to the hot tub safely, it may be best to not use it until you can.

Cold weather isn’t comfortable when you are in hot tub attire. Be sure to wear a robe or towel to keep yourself as warm as possible as you venture between the house and the spa. Sandals and slippers can also keep your feet protected from the cold ground. If you can stay warm on your way to the spa, you will be less likely to feel the shock of hot water on your skin when you enter the hot tub.

2.Keep Your Spa Warm

Keeping a hot tub warm seems simple enough; in the winter, it can be a little more challenging to keep the spa at the temperature that you prefer. One of the easiest ways to prevent heat loss is to invest in a quality spa cover. The insulation in the spa cover needs to be sufficient for the weather that you generally see during the winter months for the area in which you live.

A spa cover is very helpful in keeping a hot tub warm, but if you allow snow to accumulate on top of the cover, the cover might not be able to do the best job of keeping the water in the hot tub as warm as you would like.

Adjust the settings of the spa as needed during the winter months. It might be beneficial to up the temperature a couple of degrees a few minutes before you want to hop in to make sure that the spa is warm enough to sit in even though it is cold outside.

3.Invest in a Towel Warmer

When the weather is cold, you don’t want to step out of your hot tub and be shocked by the dramatic change in temperatures. Prevent this from occurring by getting a towel warmer installed on your hot tub or very nearby. A warm towel will feel really nice as you exit your spa and scurry inside to the warmth. Don’t forget to throw your sandals back on as you make your way inside.

Although it takes a couple of minutes, be sure that you get your hot tub closed back up properly before you go inside to prevent heat loss.

4.Wear a Hat

It may seem silly to don a hat in the hot tub, but you won’t regret it! Your head rests above the waterline of your hot tub. While the rest of your body may feel nice and warm, your ears and head could make you feel colder than you really are. Plus, a hat will keep your hair dry to prevent any additional heat loss caused by cold, wet hair.

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