SpaMate knows that as summer nears, families will start planning spa and pool parties. We want to make sure that you are ready to throw the best pool and spa party possible for your friends and family, so we have some advice.

Make Sure Everything is Clean

Nobody wants to come to a party where there is a dirty pool or hot tub. Make sure to remove any debris and check all spa and pool chemicals to make sure that it is safe to be in the water. For your pool, you can use robotic pool cleaners to make cleaning a much easier task. You will also want to make sure all filters are clean and ready to handle a larger number of people than usual.

After you have everything cleaned, sanitized, and ready to go, you will want to make sure you do your best to prevent more debris from getting into the pool and hot tub. While it will be hard to keep things out of the pool, a spa cover can keep dirt, leaves, and other debris out of your hot tub.

As you prepare for your first pool and hot tub party of the summer, be sure to check out SpaMate’s selection of spa chemicals that will help you keep the water in your hot tub safe for all your guests.

Make a Guest List

Creating a guest list for a summer pool and spa party can be difficult, because you are constrained by the size of your pool and hot tub. It is probably best to limit spa and pool parties to less than 20 people. If you have a very small pool or hot tub, you may want to further cut down your list. You don’t want your party to be too crowded, so consider a more intimate gathering instead of a blow-out party.

Pick a Theme

The pool parties have a theme. While it doesn’t have to be anything grand, try to come up with a creative theme for your guests. A few of SpaMate’s favorite summer pool and spa party themes include tropical, barbecue, and vintage are all fun ideas that you can easily prepare for. Just be sure to let your guests know of the theme so that they show up prepared.

Ensure Good Lighting

Lighting is an essential aspect to any good party—especially a summer pool and spa party. While lights are a fun way to decorate for an outdoor event, they are also helpful for safety. Lights will help your guests safely make their way out of the pool or hot tub, or just around your yard, no matter hard dark it gets outside, while also providing a bit of ambiance.

With dozens of ways to add lights to your party, you can create almost any atmosphere. Hanging lights around the yard is one way to create an unforgettable ambiance, and floating party lights are a fun addition to the pool. If your pool and hot tub already have lights, turn those on, too.

Create a Playlist

Music is an important part of any party. Take your theme and create a playlist. If you are throwing a tropical themed party, find music that fits the theme. For a vintage party, go with music from the 50s and 60s. Customize your playlist with music that relates to the theme and that your guest will love. If you are having both children and adults at the party, make sure that the music is appropriate for young audiences.

Plan Food and Entertainment

Depending on your crowd, you could go in many different directions with food and entertainment. For an adult-only party, you may not need much in the form of entertainment. However, children are likely to need toys of some sort during a summer pool and spa party. You will probably want lounge chairs and lawn chairs available for those who aren’t in the water.

Don’t forget to have some comfortable furniture on the yard or patio for those who don’t want to sit in the sun or get in the water. You may also want to have towels nearby for those who forget to bring their own. Keep a few extra bottles of sunscreen around to keep your guests safe from the sun.

Snacks are a necessity at pool and spa parties. At a barbecue, you can serve hamburgers and hot dogs or other meats on the grill. A few side dishes will make the party complete. At themed parties, you can create little snacks that fit the theme or go all out with a full meal. Be sure to have beverages, including water, for your guests, too. Adult beverages can also be a fun addition to these parties, but it is important that children are monitored and prevented from consuming alcoholic beverages.

SpaMate hopes all your summer pool and spa parties go swimmingly this year. As you prepare for your parties, don’t forget that safety is the most important factor of your preparations. Throwing a fun, safe party that your friends and family will not soon forget.