As a hot tub owner, you know how frustrating it can be to deal with some of the problems that seem to randomly arise. In fact, at SpaMate, we encourage spa owners to take preventative measures to keep your hot tub up and running. Here are a few of the most common hot tub problems and how you can fix them.

1.Jets Aren’t Working

Hot tub jets are crucial for maximum comfort in the spa. If your jets aren’t working properly or stop working completely, you aren’t going to be able to enjoy your hot tub nearly as much as before. Here’s how to solve this frustrating problem:

1)Turn jets to make sure that they are open

2)Check to make sure there is no debris on the jets like dirt or calcium

3)Make sure the tub has an adequate amount of water

4)Clean the filter and check the plumbing line for any blockages

5)Test the water

If these steps don’t seem to solve the problem, you could be experiencing an airlock in the jet lines. You can turn the jets on and off to help force the air out in this situation. You can also loosen the top fitting on the pump and wait to see if you can hear air escaping. If you start to see water filling the pump again, you can put the top fitting back on the pump.

If it is determined that your jets are no longer functioning properly, check out our selection of replacement spa jets.

2.Tub Won’t Heat

Is the water in your hot tub not staying hot? Nobody wants to take a dip in a cold hot tub. If your hot tub water is continuously cold, try the following:

1)Check the water level

2)Make sure there are no blockages in the circulation system

3)Clean filters by rinsing with the hose and soaking in filter cleaner

4)Turn the heater breaker off and back on

5)Reset the heater

6)Check for an airlock in the lines

These troubleshooting tips often solve the heating problem, but if none of them work, you might need to find a professional to see if the heating element is damaged and needs to be replaced.

3.Control Panel Shows Error Code

Are you getting an error code on your control panel? If so, you can look over the owner’s manual to see what the code refers to as all codes and solutions vary between the hot tubs and manufacturers.

4.Dirty Hot Tub Water

Dirty hot tub water isn’t safe to be in. If you notice that your water is murky, foamy, or cloudy, you need to test the water to make sure all of the chemical levels are appropriate. You need to test the pH, chlorine, and alkalinity levels before moving on. You can shock the water if the chemical levels are a mess, and then add in any chemicals that your water is missing.

If these fixes don’t solve the problem, then you can try to:

1)Drain the water

2)Clean the empty tank

3)Fix any parts that are broken

4)Refill the tub and treat it with the proper chemicals

SpaMate offers a full selection of spa chemicals that can help you keep your spa water clean and safe.

5.Noisy Pump

A noisy pump can really kill the mood in your hot tub. If you hear that your pump is making a high-pitched squealing or deep growling noise, you can try the following steps:

High-Pitched Squealing:

1)Lubricate bearings

2)Replace circulation pump

Deep Growling:

1)Make sure to clear any blockages in the circulation system

2)Fill water to the proper level

3)Make sure all valves are open

If you need help with any of the above tasks, contact a local professional.

For other hot tub problems, you might need to contact a professional to service your hot tub.