Hot tubs are meant to offer you a little escape into relaxation, and what better place to do that than at home? If you have a hot tub, you know just how great a few minutes in the spa makes you feel. With hot tub accessories, caring for yourself and your hot tub just got a lot easier.

SpaMate is here to help you determine what kind of accessories you might want for your hot tub.

Maintenance and Safety Accessories

Keeping your spa safe and clean is very important. With accessories that are designed for keeping your hot tub safe and secure, you can rest easy.

Spa Covers

One of the best ways to keep your hot tub safe and clean is a spa cover. A hot tub cover is placed on top of the spa when it isn’t in use to keep debris, dirt, and people out of the water. For households with children, spa covers are especially important, as they can prevent accidents involving children falling into the hot tub.

You should consider a spa cover with locks to prevent unwanted users from getting into the hot tub without permission. Locks are also a great way to make sure that the spa cover doesn’t blow off in heavy winds.

SpaMate specializes in custom-made spa covers that can be made to fit any model of hot tub. Spa covers from SpaMate can be made in ten different colors and include one of three different levels of insulation.

Spa Cover Lifts

Spa covers can be quite heavy and awkward to move. Make removing and replacing your spa cover a breeze with a spa cover lift. Lifts can be automatic or manual, so if you don’t want to put any effort into removing your spa cover, there’s an option for you.

Cover lifts can be mounted on the side of your spa, a nearby wall, or some can be slid under the spa to prevent any unnecessary damage to your hot tub or home.

Steps and Handrails

Getting in and out of your hot tub doesn’t have to require Olympic-level gymnastic skills. Instead of climbing into your spa, consider purchasing spa steps and handrails to help people get in and out of the tub.

Handrails help prevent people from slipping and falling when they are trying to enter and exit the hot tub. To add further protection from slipping, consider adding non-slip treads to the steps leading into the hot tub. If you have purchased after-market steps, consider anchoring them into the deck or side of the hot tub.

Comfort Accessories

Make your hot tub as relaxing and comfortable as possible with a variety of accessories to make the area more private, usable, and peaceful.

Privacy Screens

Outdoor spas may come with beautiful views, but they may also allow for nosey neighbors to get an intimate view into your life that you weren’t prepared for. Privacy screens are a great way to block out the gazes of neighbors and passers-by.

Privacy screens can be permanent or portable. Permanent privacy screens are often built as walls or trellises that section off the hot tub. Portable screens are generally made of vinyl and can be put up when you want some additional privacy.

Cushions and Pillows

Spas are designed to be comfortable. If you aren’t comfortable in your hot tub, it is time to invest in cushions and pillows. Children and people on the shorter side often find sitting in a hot tub to be uncomfortable, because the water is too close to their face when seated. Spa cushions can be placed on the seats of the hot tub to provide a little extra boost in height. This boost can help the jets reach the parts of the body they are meant for and keep your backend off the hard surface of the hot tub.

To add another level of comfort, consider a floating spa pillow. Spa pillows allow you to rest your head and neck without laying it across the hard surface of the spa. These pillows can be suctioned to the hot tub or weighted down on the side of the hot tub.

Towel Bars

Always keep your towels close by with an attachable towel bar. These bars are placed on the side of the hot tub and can hold towels right next to the tub without them getting soaked. When it isn’t being used, the towel bar can lie flat against the hot tub for added convenience.

Fun Accessories

If you plan on entertaining in your hot tub, you will want to make sure you have some fun accessories to go along with the party. There are many different things you can add to your hot tub to make it a more environment.


Music can add so much to your hot tub experience. If you want to relax, there is a music playlist for you. If you are entertaining guests, there is a playlist that will keep the whole group happy. Consider a floating waterproof speaker that can be controlled via Bluetooth if your hot tub doesn’t come with a sound system.

Toys and Games

While toys and games are often used in the pool, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be brought into the hot tub. Pool ping pong, pool basketball, and more can be played in the hot tub depending on its size. You can also buy waterproof playing cards and bust out a game of poker in the hot tub.

SpaMate wants to make sure you have the best experience possible in your hot tub. Browse SpaMate’s full line of spa accessories to ensure that you have the most relaxing or fun time you can in your hot tub.