For many children, hot tubs seem like a small, warm pool, and while they may seem like a fun way to enjoy water, is it really safe for children to use a hot tub? SpaMate is here to give you some tips for keeping children safe in and around hot tubs.

Risks Hot Tubs Pose to Children

Hot tubs can be dangerous to kids for a number of reasons. Let’s take a look at each of the risks that spas pose to young children.

·Drowning:Just like in a pool, bathtub, or other body of water, it is possible for kids to drown in a hot tub.

·Overheating:Temperatures in hot tubs are generally very warm for small children. Too much time in the heat could lead to overheating and dehydration.

·Injuries from the Jets and Drains:Jets and drains can snag hair, and children may decide to put their fingers inside the jets and drains and get hurt.

·Falls:When children are running, climbing, or playing in, on, or near a hot tub, they can easily slip and fall into the water, which could lead to drowning.

How to Keep Kids Safe

While there are risks associated with children and hot tubs, there are ways you can keep your kids safe when in a hot tub.

Talk to Your Kids About Hot Tub Safety

Before your kids are ever allowed near a hot tub, you should sit down with them and talk about hot tub safety. Have established rules that you want them to follow when playing in or near a hot tub. Just like rules at a public swimming pool, these rules could prevent injuries and accidents in the hot tub.

While you don’t want to scare your children, you do need to explain to them the dangers that hot tubs may pose to them.

Supervise Children When Near the Hot Tub

Always monitor children when they are playing in or near a hot tub. As with any body of water, the potential risk of drowning is always there, so be sure that you are watching kids closely. You may also want to learn CPR if you plan on letting your children play in a hot tub or pool. It is also a good idea to keep a phone nearby just in case something does happen.

Drop the Hot Tub Temperature

Hot tubs can reach up to 104° F, which is far too warm for small children, because they are more sensitive to heat than adults are. If you want to allow your children in the hot tub, you can drop the temperature in the tub to around 95° F to make it safer for them. Not only will this prevent overheating, but it will also be more comfortable for kids.

Be sure that your children stay hydrated while they are in the hot tub as well. Make sure that any kid in the hot tub is drinking plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Don’t Let Your Children Play Under the Water

Hot tubs are not the same as pools, and swimming underwater in a hot tub can be dangerous. It is very easy for hair to get caught in the spa jets while playing underwater, which could prevent a child from being able to come up for air. It is a good idea to create a rule against swimming under the water in the hot tub.

It is also important that you teach your children not to stick their fingers in the jets or drains. Not only could they get their fingers stuck, preventing them from surfacing, but they could also injure their hands trying to free themselves.

Lock Your Spa Cover

Not only will locking your spa cover prevent anyone from using your hot tub without your permission, but it will also prevent accidental drownings while your kids are playing near the hot tub. SpaMate advises buying a lock for your spa cover or purchasing a cover with a lock on it. SpaMate offers custom spa covers that are made to fit any spa on the market, so you know that your hot tub’s cover fits properly to prevent accidents.

Buy a Proper Drain Cover

Your hot tub may already have a drain cover, but you will want to make sure it is a cover that minimizes the risk of hair being caught in the suction of the drain. The combination of the drain cover and a rule that prohibits underwater playing in the hot tub can help prevent a child’s hair from getting pulled into the drain, leaving them unable to resurface.

Know Where the Cut-Off Switch is Located

In the event of an emergency, it is important to know where the cut-off switch is located on your spa. Be sure that everyone in your household or any visitors that may be using the hot tub know where the switch is located and how to turn it off. This could help save the life of a child who is trapped in the drain.

It is always important to keep children as safe as possible near hot tubs and water. While there are dangers surrounding hot tubs, it is easy for kids to enjoy a soak in a hot tub safely. SpaMate knows just how important it is to have peace of mind while children are playing near a hot tub. If you are looking for a hot tub cover, check out SpaMate’s custom hot tub cover options. If you have any questions, speak with a SpaMate representative by calling 1-800-923-7330.