To get the most out of your hot tub, you probably have a few different items you either already have or want in the same vicinity. At SpaMate, we know how important hot tub storage is for many spa owners. This being said, we have a few different backyard spa storage ideas for you!

Towel cabinetsare a great way to make sure that you always have a towel nearby when you step out of your hot tub. An all-weather towel cabinet can make it easier to keep spa and pool towels organized, while still keeping them out of sight when you are enjoying a dry day outdoors. You can find really beautiful towel cabinet options in a variety of wood finishes and colors. Towel cabinets can also come in different sizes. If you aren’t interested in a towel cabinet, be sure that you get a towel rack installed on or near your hot tub so that you can keep your towels close by.

Garbage sheds are one of the easiest ways to keep your ugly trash cans out of sight while you are enjoying a soak in your hot tub or relaxing in your backyard. Trash cans and recycling bins can keep your trash can hidden, while also looking great themselves. You can match your garbage shed to any of the other décor or storage in your yard. Another great benefit to a garbage shed is that wildlife will no longer have access to your trash.

Storage furniture is the perfect way to get extra storage without taking away space for sitting and lounging. Outdoor storage benches and furniture can be both stylish and practical. These pieces provide you with a place to organize your gardening equipment, hot tub supplies, chemicals, and more, while also giving you a spot to sit down and relax. If you don’t have that much you need to store, you could also opt for an outdoor storage ottoman, which will take up less space.

Television cabinets can protect your outdoor TV from the elements and weather. A weather-proof television cabinet can be opened to allow for easy watching from your hot tub or other outdoor seating, but your TV is kept away from water, sun, snow, and wind.

Mini refrigeratorscan make your hot tub or outdoor living experience so much more enjoyable. Keep your drinks and snacks cold, while making fewer trips in and out of your home. An outdoor mini fridge is a perfect way to avoid the inconvenience that many families face with outdoor entertaining and living.

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