Keeping your hot tub clean is vital to being able to use it safely. The water in your hot tub can be treated with a couple of different chemicals, and one of these chemicals is bromine. SpaMate knows just how difficult it can be to choose a spa sanitizer for your hot tub, so we have all the information you need to know about bromine.

What is Bromine?

Bromine is a chemical compound that is known for its ability to kill bacteria and germs. In hot tubs, it can kill the bacteria growing in the hot tub’s water. Bromine ionizes any of the contaminants that have made themselves home in your hot tub water, and they are then filtered out by the water filter in the tub.

Pros of Using Bromine in a Hot Tub

Bromine does a better job at killing algae and bacteria than chlorine, and it tends to work for longer as well—especially in a spa full of warm water. It is especially good at killing viruses and bacteria that could make you and your family sick. Mustard and black algae, both of which are difficult to get rid of, can be controlled by bromine.

Since bromine has a lower pH value than chlorine, you don’t get the chemical smell that is often associated with chlorine, and the chemical balance of the hot tub is less likely to be messed up when you use bromine. While bromine can irritate the skin, it is less bothersome than chlorine.

Bromine is extremely easy to add to your hot tub water. With numerous options for adding bromine into your water, you can find a way to make it an easy routine. First, you can get bromine tablets or granules that you can add to your spa water. You can also use bromine in a salt/oxidizer system or with an electrolytic bromine generator.

Cons of Using Bromine in a Hot Tub

Many people seem to be scared away from bromine, because it is a little more expensive than chlorine. Bromine is also slower to kill the bacteria than chlorine. In addition, bromine is harder to wash off the skin than chlorine is, which means that you will need to make sure you are clean to prevent skin irritation. Bromine tends to degrade in the sun much faster than chlorine, which is why many people choose chlorine for their pools instead of bromine.

Types of Bromine

There are a few different ways that you can add bromine to your hot tub’s system. Each type of bromine will keep your spa water clean and safe, but there may be one type that is easier for you and your family to use.

Bromine Tablets

Small white tablets of bromine can be placed in a feeder or a floater, which distribute the chemical into the water. There are a couple of different type of bromine tablets, and they dissolve at different rates, so you will want to make sure that you use the correct system to distribute the tablets you are using.

Two-Part Systems

Another way to add bromine into your spa water is with a two-part system. These systems start with sodium bromide, which is generally either liquid or granulated and placed directly into the spa. The chemical creates bromide ions in the water. The second part of the system is an oxidizer that will allow the bromine to become a sanitizer. A common oxidizer is potassium monopersulfate, and chlorine can also be used. Together, these two chemicals can clean the water in your spa. After putting these chemicals in the water, you just need to periodically add more bromine to the water to continue the cleaning process of the water.

Granular Bromine

There are two different kinds of granular bromine. One of these is bromo-chloro hydantoins, which is similar to bromine tablets. The second is a mixture of sodium bromide and dichlor, which is similar to the bromine used in a two-part system. Granular bromine needs to be manually dispersed into the water of your spa.

Using Bromine Safely

It can be dangerous to work with chemicals such as bromine. It is important that you understand how to use the chemical in your hot tub properly. Read all of the instructions on the label of the product before using it in the spa. It is important that you never combine bromine with other chemicals in floaters or feeders, and that includes chlorine. Store the bromine in its original container at all times.

You should also know how to safely store bromine away from other chemicals that they could have interactions with, as there could be negative reactions that are dangerous. Bromine should be stored in a cool, dry area that is well-ventilated and away from heat, open flames, direct sunlight, or organic material.

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