Cloudy spa water is one of the biggest problems for hot tub owners. There are a lot of different things that cause cloudy spa water, which makes it a very hard problem to prevent. SpaMate is here to tell you a few reasons why your hot tub water is cloudy and how to prevent it from occurring.

1.Biofilm Problems

When you have bacteria inside the pipes and fittings of the internal system of the spa, you are likely to notice that your water is cloudy. If you haven’t run your spa in a while, it is very likely that there is a buildup of biofilm in your tub. You will need to not only sanitize and shock the water in your hot tub to get rid of this problem, but you will also need to use a treatment that runs through the internal system to kill bacteria.

2.Product Build-Up

Humans use a lot of different things to clean and beautify ourselves. Unless you are showering before you hop in the hot tub, you are likely going to contribute to the build-up of things like lotion, soap, makeup, and hair products in your hot tub water. Once these things build-up in your hot tub, you might start to notice that the water looks murky and cloudy.

3.Low Sanitizer Levels

Hot tubs require sanitizers to stay clean and safe for human use. Bromine and chlorine are the two chemicals used to manage bacteria, fungi, and other gunk in your spa water. If you aren’t using an appropriate amount of sanitizer, the contaminants in the water will start to grow and cause the water to appear cloudy.

4.Hard Water

Hard water is a common cause for cloudy spa water. The amount of calcium in your spa water can greatly affect how your water looks. Test your water for calcium hardness, alkalinity, and pH levels to make sure that everything in your water is balanced. If anything is out of whack, you can use chemical balancers to help control the levels in your hot tub water. Keeping the water balanced will prevent scaling and cloudiness in the water.

5.Spa Filter Problems

A misaligned spa filter could lead to dirty water circulating through the hot tub. Every time you replace the water filter, make sure you have it positioned correctly.

It is also important to remember that spa filters need to be cleaned and replaced frequently. You can’t leave a filter in your hot tub for a year and expect it to keep the water in the tub clean. You need to be diligent about changing your spa filter to prevent cloudy water in your hot tub. In many cases, simply changing the water filter will eliminate cloudiness in the water.

Spa filters should be changed at least every 12 to 24 months depending on how often you use the spa, how many people use the spa at any given time, and how much gunk your filter has to clean out of the water. In between replacing the spa filter, you can clean your filter every few weeks with a special spa filter cleaner.

Other Ways to Prevent Cloudy Water in Your Hot Tub

One of the easiest ways to prevent cloudy hot tub water is to invest in a hot tub cover that properly fits your spa. When combined with a good spa filter, this should help keep a majority of the bacteria out of your hot tub water. For a well-fitting spa cover, look no further than SpaMate. Our custom spa covers are made to fit any make and model of hot tub on the market. One of our spa covers should help prevent cloudy hot tub water.