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  • We just wanted to say that your web site is top notch.. It made us feel very good about ordering from you... We look forward to our new cover. Thank You

    The Harringtons
    Chicago, IL

  • Friday a tornado (they think) came through my Clemmons,NC neighborhood. It felled a 120' pin oak tree which crushed my roof and chimney. The cement blocks, bricks, and chimney covers fell over 20' through a wooden pergola and onto the top of my spa. I was certain the tub was ruined. The workmen cleaned up that area yesterday. Your cover, beaten, torn, foam broken, not only completely saved my CalSpa from damage, but held the weight of the blocks, brick, and debris completely! The Spa was still running with clean, hot water. I am amazed. I also have pictures for you. Thank you for an outstanding product. Give your design engineer a raise!

    Cathy - Clemmons, NC

  • The cover arrived, is on and looks great - terrific job thank you

    Rita - Lynchburg, VA

  • Received the hot tub cover together with the cover mate and filters yesterday afternoon. Everything is just great. Hot tub cover fits just like a glove and is of excellent quality as expected. One thing that I did not find was my prize package you know the one that you get when you open a box of cracker jacks, lol. I will be writing a testimonial about it , the excellent quality in the excellent manner in which you do business with your customers, and post it on the internet. You have our business from now on thank you very much.

    Chris - Treynor, IA


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2000-065 Sundance (Jacuzzi) 2PSI pressure switch
Jacuzzi/Sundance spa 2000-065 2 PSI pressure for 2pump/3 pump
2540-030 Sundance Adapter for Whirlpool Jet
Used on whirlpool for barb connection. Sundance jets 1997-May 2005

6000-106 Sundance Spas Heater Element
Used in Hartford, Austin, Madison, Olympia and Telluride from 1998-1999. Used in Aruba, Bahia, Cyprus, Palermo 2000-200...
6000-166 Sundance Vortex Jet Face
Used in 2003 to Current models in the 850 and 880 series, including Maxxus, Cameo, Optima, Majesta, Altamar, Marin, and...

6000-405 Sundance Spa Pillow
Fits Sundance models Caprio (98-00), Marin (98-00), and Rio (98-00).
6455-205 Sundance Spa Pillow
Fits Sundance models Cabaret, Cameo, Liberty, Los Cabos, Mardi Gras, Marin, Rio, Supra, and Supra Lounger (1986-1997)

6455-421 Sundance Spa Pillows
Fits Allegro, Cabaet, Calypso, Cameo, Cameo Jr, Capri, Gemini, Liberty, Los Cabos, Marin, Montego, Rio, Royale, Serenna,...
6455-482 Sundance Spa Pillow Insert
Fits 6455-467 Sundance Spa Pillow.

6472-960 Sundance Spa Pillow w/Insert
Fits Sundance models Altamar (01-08), Cameo (01-08), Capri (2001-current), Caprio (01-06), Majesta (05-08), Marin (01-09...

6472-964 Sundance Spa Pillow
Fits Sundance models Altamar, Cameo, Majesta, Maxxus, and Optima manufactured 2009 and after; and the Marin model manufa...
6472-968 Sundance Spa Pillow
Fits Sundance models Bahia (05-06), Caprio (05-06), Cayman (05-06), Lagunas (05-06), Metro (05-07), and Palermo (05-06)....

6472-974 Sundance Spa Pillow
Fits Sundance models Aruba (98-04), Bahia (98-02), Cyprus (98-04), and Palermo (01-02).
6500-063 Sundance and Jacuzzi Spas Stainless Steel Tube Heater
Used in 2008+ Dover, 2004-2007 Metra, 2003.2005 Lagunas, 2000-2007 Solo, 2003-2006 Caprio, 2000-2003 Tango, Also used i...

6500-103 Sundance Spa Blower Motor
Fits Sundance Spa systems 850, 800, 750, 724, 624, 600, 600S, Montego LX, and Suncoast SE
6540-228 Sundance (Jacuzzi) O-Ring for Temperature Sersor
Use with Sundance and Jacuzzi Temperature Sensors 6600-167 and 6600-166

6560-869 Sundance (Jacuzzi) Pressure Switch
Used in Sundance Tacoma & Denali models (2008+). Also used in the following models WITHOUT circulation pumps: Burlingto...
6600-014 Sundance Spas Circuit Board
Used in 1995 Royale and Maxxus model without permaclear for 1 and 2 pump. Exact replacement for the 6600-030

PRB17.5SF-PAIR Pleatco Filter
Dynamic Series IV - Model DSF 35, Waterway
PRB35-IN Pleatco Filter
Dynamic Series IV - DFM, DFML, Waterway 35, In-Line

PRB50-IN Pleatco Filter
Dynamic Series IV - DFM, DFML, Series II & III RTL/RCF-50, Series I RDC-50, RDC-50S, Waterway, Custom Molded Products
PSD125-2000 Pleatco Filter
Sundance Double End 120

PSD125U Pleatco Filter
Sundance Horizontal Spa Cartridge

PSD65 Pleatco Filter
Sundance 65; 2 1/16" I.D.
PSD65-2 Pleatco Filter
Sundance 65; 2 5/8" I.D.

PSD75 Pleatco Filter
Sundance 75
PSD90P4 Pleatco Filter
Sundance Double End 90

PTL35P4-4 Pleatco Filter
Hot Spring Spas (Watkins), Top Load
PTL47W-P4 Pleatco Filter
Advanced/LA Spas; Aber Hottub

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