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What our customers are saying:
  • We ordered a new hot tub cover from Spamate and have been very happy with the purchase. We have a rectangular tub and Spamate was the only company we could find to make it for us. I think it fits better than the old one and looks great! Thanks

    Scott Brown

  • Hi Mike, Want to take just a minute to tell you that we received our hot tub cover. We love it! Everything about it is wonderful. High-quality durability good luck’s it’s just amazing thank you! And your customer service is top notch. Many thanks

    The Montanez’s
    Gray, Maine

  • Wanted to drop you a line and thank your company for a great job well done. Spa lid arrived on time without any issues, perfect fit. I could not be any happier. Thank you so much for everything and for the great experience dealing with your company.

    William Taylor

  • We received our spa cover yesterday, my husband wanted me to let you know how pleases we are with fit & quality, thank you very much!! if you need recommends, we would be glad to!!

    Nancy Whitford

  • I am so upset that I did not order a new cover sooner! The new cover I got from you guys fits perfect!! My old cover was so water logged that it was almost impossible to lift, my new cover is so lite and easy to move. Thank you so much! My hot tubbing experience is so much better having a cover that is easy to handle! Thanks again!

    Ben Kruger

Spa Covers

Spa Covers

Our simplified online ordering process gives you the option to select your spa cover by brand and model or by providing your spa cover measurements for a custom fit. Select an option below to get started building your made-to-order spa cover.
If your brand and/or model is not listed, and you know the dimensions of your spa (hot tub), simply choose the appropriate shape below that matches the shape of your spa.

If you are not sure, feel free to call us at 1-816-921-3230. We will be happy to assist you personally.

As soon as we receive your online order, we'll send you a Custom Cover Template Kit. Simply stretch and anchor the plastic sheet over your spa, mark the top and trace the edge.

Return the template and we'll make your cover to perfectly fit your custom-shaped spa. You'll have your cover within 4 weeks of our receipt of your template kit. It's just that easy!

Please note: The final price for your custom spa cover will be determined after we recieve your completed template.

Choose your new spa cover's color, underside and skirt size on the next page by clicking "Next" below.

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What makes SpaMate spa covers the BEST?

SpaMate has been manufacturing spa covers in the Midwest since 1979.
Our hot tub covers utilizes current technology to make them one of the best spa covers on the market. This technology allows us to make you a spa cover that fits your hot tub. All of our spa covers are made out of durable Enduratex Marine Vinyl. For superior support, SpaMate hot tub covers are made with C-Channel reinforcement. Additionally, all spa covers come with super tough locking cover straps and handles.
All of our covers have a mechanically thermal sealed vapor barrier that keeps water away from the foam. We offer an option to double wrap this important vapor barrier. Plus, with the optional SpaMate Drain and Dry System, our hot tub covers can be customized to capture rising steam and allow it to drain back into the hot tub. You may also opt to add a continuous hinge seal. This seal runs the entire length of the hinge area.
EPS Tapered Foam Cores can be found inside all of our spa covers. This foam ranges in thickness and density depending on your location. Our high-quality foam comes in three different options—one for warm weather climates, 2lb for cold weather climates and “624” Ultimate for snowy climates.
Our one-pound density standard foam is best for warm weather climates, and it has an R-value of 12.5. The SpaMate Standard insulation comes with a one-year warranty.
The SpaMate Premium insulation is made with two-pound density foam and has an R-value of 19. It comes with a three-year warranty and is best for moderate to cold climates. For most, this option offers the best value.
The SpaMate “624” Ultimate insulation is made from two-pound density foam for those in cold and snowy winter climates. It has an R-value of 29 and comes with a three-year warranty.
No Need to Measure
The SpaMate process doesn’t require you to go out and take complicated measurements. Instead, you can simply choose your spa manufacturer and spa model and year manufactured and we’ll do the rest! Ordering a spa cover from SpaMate is simple—even if you have a custom fabricated hot tub.
For custom fabricated hot tubs, you can send us a template of your hot tub. Custom cover templates require a plastic sheet that you lay over your spa and anchor it down. Once that is done, you just mark “TOP SIDE” and trace around the edge. Just send us the template and we will manufacture your spa cover and ship it to you within four weeks.
Easy to Order
SpaMate makes the ordering process simple. No need to spend time browsing through hundreds of spa covers that aren’t the one you need by simply giving us the name of the manufacturer and the model of your hot tub. Knowing the year your model was manufactured is also helpful. Ordering a hot tub cover through SpaMate will give you peace of mind that you are going to get a superior product that is made to fit your hot tub—no matter what shape or size your hot tub is.
Orders can be made via our website or toll-free at 1-800-359-1698.
SpaMate covers come with an up to three-year warranty because we stand behind the quality of our products. Warranties are dependent upon the insulation used for the hot tub cover.
Free Delivery
SpaMate’s hot tub covers ship for free to most locations in the contiguous 48 states. Our spa covers can also be sent to Hawaii, Alaska, and some domestic islands for additional fees.
All covers will require a signature at the time of delivery, which gives you the chance to inspect the hot tub cover before accepting it. While less than one percent of SpaMate covers are damaged in transit, it can happen. If your hot tub cover arrives damaged, you need to refuse the package as covers are not eligible for returns as they are all custom-made. Delivery drivers have a maximum time limit of 30 minutes at your residence or business.
ASTM Classified Safe
SpaMate sells ASTM Classified safety covers that are approved by cities and municipalities. MANUAL SAFETY COVER IN ACCORDANCE WITH ASTM F 1346-91 6N48. All SpaMate spa covers come with adjustable lock down straps and new hardware.
Energy Saving Design
SpaMate covers are designed to seal in heat and moisture to save you money on energy costs. Exceptionally high, industry-leading R-values are available in the form of insulation that prevents heat from escaping the hot tub while it is covered.
Beautiful Designer Colors
We offer a variety of different designer colors that are sure to match any hot tub on the market. Our color options allow you to choose the color scheme for your environment.
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