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  • We just wanted to say that your web site is top notch.. It made us feel very good about ordering from you... We look forward to our new cover. Thank You

    The Harringtons
    Chicago, IL

  • Friday a tornado (they think) came through my Clemmons,NC neighborhood. It felled a 120' pin oak tree which crushed my roof and chimney. The cement blocks, bricks, and chimney covers fell over 20' through a wooden pergola and onto the top of my spa. I was certain the tub was ruined. The workmen cleaned up that area yesterday. Your cover, beaten, torn, foam broken, not only completely saved my CalSpa from damage, but held the weight of the blocks, brick, and debris completely! The Spa was still running with clean, hot water. I am amazed. I also have pictures for you. Thank you for an outstanding product. Give your design engineer a raise!

    Cathy - Clemmons, NC

  • The cover arrived, is on and looks great - terrific job thank you

    Rita - Lynchburg, VA

  • Received the hot tub cover together with the cover mate and filters yesterday afternoon. Everything is just great. Hot tub cover fits just like a glove and is of excellent quality as expected. One thing that I did not find was my prize package you know the one that you get when you open a box of cracker jacks, lol. I will be writing a testimonial about it , the excellent quality in the excellent manner in which you do business with your customers, and post it on the internet. You have our business from now on thank you very much.

    Chris - Treynor, IA


Spa Chemicals
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AquaChek Red Test Strips
Quick test of bromine, pH, and alkalinity

Nature2 Spa Mineral Sanitizer
A natural alternative to chlorine
Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules - 2lb
Sanitizes and disinfects

Spa Alkalinity Increaser - 2lb
Adjust water alkalinity upwards
Spa Bright & Clear - 1qt
Make your water crystal clear

Spazazz Detox Therapy
Eliminate and cleanse built up toxins

Amerse Brominating Tablets - 1.5lb
The effectiveness of chlorine without the odor
AquaChek Yellow Test Strips
Quick test of chlorine, pH, and alkalinity

Instant Cartridge Clean - 1pt
Cleans filters fast

ScumBug 2/pk
Say goodbye to scum lines

Spa Defender - 1qt
Prevents scale formation
Spa Down - 2.5lb
Adjusts water pH and alkalinity downwards

SPA FROG Mineral Sanitizer
Reduces chlorine or bromine use by up to 50%
Spazazz Joint Therapy
Reduce inflammation and boost circulation

Leisure Time Spa Mineral Purifier
Reduces the use of chemical sanitizers

Renew Shock - 2.2lb
Non-chlorine shock treatment
ScumBall 2/pk
Bye-bye scum line

Spa Foam Down - 1qt
Eliminates foam

Spa Up - 2lb
Adjusts water pH and alkalinity upwards
Spazazz Muscle Therapy
Soothe and comfort sore muscles

Keeps your spa's plumbing clean
Enzyme - 1qt
Elimates organics, oils and lotions

Leak Seal
Stops minor leaks

SPA FROG Floating System
Up to 50% less bromine needed

Spazazz Respiratory Therapy
Clean your head and breathe easy

SPA FROG Bromine Cartridge
Replacement cartridge for SPA FROG systems

Spazazz Stress Therapy
Relax your body and clear your mind

SPA FROG Mineral Cartridge
Replacement cartridge for SPA FROG systems

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