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  • We ordered a new hot tub cover from Spamate and have been very happy with the purchase. We have a rectangular tub and Spamate was the only company we could find to make it for us. I think it fits better than the old one and looks great! Thanks

    Scott Brown

  • Hi Mike, Want to take just a minute to tell you that we received our hot tub cover. We love it! Everything about it is wonderful. High-quality durability good luck’s it’s just amazing thank you! And your customer service is top notch. Many thanks

    The Montanez’s
    Gray, Maine

  • Wanted to drop you a line and thank your company for a great job well done. Spa lid arrived on time without any issues, perfect fit. I could not be any happier. Thank you so much for everything and for the great experience dealing with your company.

    William Taylor

  • We received our spa cover yesterday, my husband wanted me to let you know how pleases we are with fit & quality, thank you very much!! if you need recommends, we would be glad to!!

    Nancy Whitford

  • I am so upset that I did not order a new cover sooner! The new cover I got from you guys fits perfect!! My old cover was so water logged that it was almost impossible to lift, my new cover is so lite and easy to move. Thank you so much! My hot tubbing experience is so much better having a cover that is easy to handle! Thanks again!

    Ben Kruger

Renew Shock - 2.2lb

Renew rids spa water of deodorants, natural oils, soaps and organic materials that build up in spa and hot tub water.  Renew reacts with the bromide and destroy any microorganisms in the water.

Quickly dissolves in water

Helps eliminate smelly water, as well as skin and eye irritation.

Use spa minutes after application.

pH buffered so it does not effect pH level.

Item #: RenSh
Your Price:   $15.95

Applications: After Each Use:

1. Turn on filtration system.

2. For each 250 gallons of water, add 2 ounces directly into spa water.

3. Run filtration system for 15 minutes with cover off.

4. Repeat process once a week to help maintain clear, odor-free water.

Tips: The time to add Renew is after using the spa. Simply add the required dose, put the cover in place, and the water will be fresh, clean and ready for the next bather.

Compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone & mineral purifications systems.

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The effectiveness of chlorine without the odor
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The effectiveness of chlorine without the odor
Amerse Brominating Tablets - 1.5lb
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